Tools & Practices to Support Remote Teams Collaborate

Tools and Practices used by tech leaders to keep their teams motivated while working from home

Revive Mentor Session led by Delphine Ruaro (Product Manager, Zopa) and Gaia Armellin (Senior UX Designer, Backbase)

I Tools ⚙️

  • Figma: loved by designers, good to collaborate between teams and stakeholders as well.
  • Clockwise: AI calendar assistant that moves meetings so that it leaves blocks of focus time. It also sends reports of how much focus time you saved for devs BUT security issues (they keep a copy of your records).
  • Parabol: a free tool for retro.
  • Miro: for brainstorming. You might need to invest time at the beginning to create your own template.
  • Tandem: to collaborate with colleagues as if they were sitting next to you.
  • Mural: very similar to Miro.
  • Jamboard (Google): similar to Miro but more rigid.
  • Sidecar: for writing down things with a pen. It should work on iPad & maybe iPhone with an Apple Pen. It is a seamless experience with Catalina OS.

II- Practices 💡

  • Daily chats after standup.
  • Hangouts tips: leave a room open for a whole day so that people can chat with each other and have the same vibe as in the office.
  • Slack, specifically expanding channel rooms, opening up things like "bookclub, design-lessons, wellbeing, etc"
  • A few calls a day with ppl you’re working with to keep up communication, subjects: strictly non-work-related :)
  • Games after work.
  • Onboarding - more difficult and easier at the same time.More difficult because of distance and information overload. Much better because onboarding people do 1-on-1 chats more often and get more detailed information and ask much more deep questions since the beginning. Less ice to break.
Much Love ✌️❤️

The Revive Mentors

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