Time for Change: 5 tips to revive your career during lockdown

Written by Jamie Lawrence-Craig

By the end of March, four in five New Year’s resolutions fail. That’s in a normal year. If your health has been unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic, the forced social isolation in which many of us find ourselves is a much better place to recalibrate and re-evaluate our lives than that forgettable lethargic apathy post-Christmas. Here is our five-step guide to reorientation in times of COVID-19.

Our 5 tips to revive your career

1. First of all, remind yourself of all the things you wanted to achieve when you left school, college or university. Think of those jobs you optimistically applied for as a graduate or final year student. How does your current or most recent role compare?

2. Then find an advert for a job you’d like to be doing. Update your CV, and now compare your CV to the description of your ideal job. Where are the gaps? How can you fill them?

3. Take the opportunity to train yourself in a particular skill that you’ve always wanted to learn, but never had the time to. This could be vocational, or a hobby, such as learning Spanish or a new programming language. Rosetta Stone for example is offering 3 months of free language learning, while Class Central has published an exhaustive and frequently updated list of free online courses.

4. Be savvy. You might want to think about the business sectors that will be recruiting during and after the pandemic. Fewer people will be travelling abroad this year so people will be looking to relax, indulge or release closer to home. There will be plenty of opportunities in the e-commerce marketplaces, logistics, entertainment and streaming, and pharmaceutical fields. At the same time, the pandemic is changing the way workplaces, businesses are functioning. You (and companies) might consider working remotely more permanently, which makes your postcode or commute less of a deciding factor.

5. Spend some time reading about and hearing from successful people. They often take unusual, slow or meandering routes to the top. We recommend delving into the archive of BBC Desert Island Discs, How to Fail with Elizabeth Day, Better Life Lab and Without Fail. Or check out Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One if you're looking to make pivotal changes in your career.

However you decide to fill your time, we say don’t pass up this chance to reorganise.

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